Compassion is loving without reason or cause. Caring must have a cause which pulls you into the world of human affairs and that always requires the loss of “you.” The individual with compassion loves the persons or situations, the one who cares cannot! Such individuals simply do without the investment of emotional states or judgments of right or wrong. In your doing always know that the heart of life is YOUR heart. Compassion resides there! Beautiful day! Carl

You cannot get miracles if you fail to see that every breath, every heartbeat, every interaction is a miracle.  The “big show,” we all want to witness, is not profound in nature, rather it is gentle breezes, gurgling streams and quiet nights.  Miracles are the ease and grace with which life moves and all of it is the miracle you seek.  Look not for wonders; you already stand in their midst.  Beautiful day!  Carl

The greatest story ever told is not the one you tell but the one you live. I live in breathless wonder at all your tales!Wondrous day, dear friends, Carl

If you are busy changing you cannot be living.  The two are mutually exclusive.  Change requires enormous thought processing, both to determine what is wrong and how it is to be righted.  Living requires, well… living.  All the thoughts in the world will not “change” that.  Incredible day!  Carl

Life unfolds regardless of your readiness or where you plan to go.  The power to move through any situation, any circumstance or twist of fate already lies within you and it always has!  It simply takes a quiet mind and a listening ear to know. Whispers carry great solace and perfect direction.  Beautiful day!  Carl