If speaking kindly to plants helps them grow, imagine what speaking kindly to humans can do

​*Symptoms Of inner peace*

1) Frequent Attacks Of Smiling

2) Frequent Overwhelming Episodes Of Appreciation

3) Loss Of Interest In Judging Other People In Their Actions

4) Loss Of Ability To Worry

5) Tendency To Act Based On Hope    Rather Than On Fear

6) Ability To Enjoy Each Moment

7) Susceptibility To Give & Receive Love

8) Sharing Whatever Little You Have To People With Less In Life
If Symptoms Persist,

Just THANK GOD! 🙏🙏

Secret of Peace on Earth.

The last night of 2015 will end soon, but the first day of 2016 will dawn soon. I wish you complete peace, happiness and courage in this new year. Happy new year 2016.


You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.